Commuting Health and Safety

At Pablito, we take safety and experience of our riders very seriously. This is our official message regarding the recent developments of coronavirus (COVAD-19). Once you have read this service announcement, if you have questions or concerns, please feel to reach us at 

Public Health Update

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency over the novel coronavirus. It was stated that this emergency declaration is intended to prepare state and local agencies by allocating resources to best combat the spread of the virus (Los Angeles Time Article). This current epidemic is similar to the flu and how we prevent the spread of this virus is similar as well. Frequently washing your hands and avoiding contact with your eyes and mouth are a few actions that the CDC recommends (Prevention Methods CDC).
Besides the obvious concern of the spread of the coronavirus, misinformation is spreading just as fast and also poses a danger to the public. Senior writer at VICE, Aaron Gordon, put out an interesting piece recently titled “Don’t Let Coronavirus Scare You Away From Public Transit”. Trying to put the worry of traveling among the public at ease, because public transit is a vital infrastructure that must keep running to serve those who really need it. You shouldn’t worry anymore on the bus than you would walking around a public store. You should however, take the same precautions when it comes to washing your hands often and staying home if you feel sick. (VICE Article

How We Are Taking Action

The Pablito team wanted to make our riders aware of the precautionary steps we are taking to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus:
  • Our drivers will sanitize their shuttles after every trip.
    • This means seat belts, handles, and cup holder areas.
  • Doors are opened for our riders to minimize contact with anything during the trip.
  • Shuttles are being stocked with hand sanitizers and tissues.
If you are feeling ill at any time before getting on the shuttle, we encourage you to stay home. We are offering a refund on all tickets in these cases, please just reach out via the support page inside our mobile app or to process your refund. If you have been asked to self _____, please alert us at and your private information will be kept private but it is important that we provide other riders with recommendations on how they should prepare themselves based on any exposure.

We assure you that if you are riding with Pablito, we will do the best we can to serve you in this sensitive period.