Route Development

There is a variety of routes we can implement to provide the best solution for our clients. This will be determined based on the data and feedback we gather during the survey and soft launch phase. Because all our software and operations is controlled in-house we can implement necessary changes quickly.


Great for long distance routes with strategically placed stops that always stays on its’ designated course and schedule.


Perfect for first/last mile routes that can connect riders with existing public transit hubs and park-n-ride locations.


Very popular route solution that adjusts based on when and where riders request to be picked up.

Modern Shuttles

All Shuttles are equipped with high-speed WiFi and charging devices.
Spacious and comfortable with plenty of leg room and high ceilings.
Bike racks are installed on every shuttle to accommodate our active riders.

Professional Drivers

Drivers with a passenger endorsement license, years of experience and a proven track record of safe driving.
Emphasis on providing excellent customer service and encouraged to build a relationship with the passengers.
Equipped with a custom built driver app to manage their passenger list,  route information and to communicate with our dispatchers.

Mobility Platform

Rider App

Android and iOS mobile apps for users to book rides, manage tickets, track their shuttles and give feedback on their experience.

Partner Portal

Through our web-based portal administrators can monitor, manage routes and track ridership statistics in real time.

Driver App

Our drivers are able to monitor their passenger list, scan tickets and navigate their routes.

Road Map to A Better Commute

In order to create routes that will maximize utilization thorough research and surveys will be conducted with the help of This survey is useful in analyzing current commuter patterns and the challenges they face. Once we have an understanding of where our riders are coming from and their schedule we can implement routes.